A little order for some chaos.


  • Be the first team to get to 30 chips and you win!


  • Take out each colors of questions and set them in piles face down.
  • Take out the die, chips, and timers and set them next to the “bank,” which is the bag of green chips.
  • Split into teams. The game is played best with 2 teams, and at least 2 members per team.
  • FOR ULTIMATE GAME ACTION: Guys vs girls has proven to have the most intense battles of trivia knowledge


  • Both teams start with 0 chips, and since wisdom comes with age, the team who has the oldest player gets to roll first.
  • One member for the team rolls the die and the team receives a question that corresponds with the color shown on the die.
  • One player from the other team will read the question clearly, flip the timer, and ask the team that rolled the die, “WHAT’S YOUR BID?” The player for the other team who reads the card must not share answers or let anyone else see the card.
  • IMPORTANT: Teams must rotate who rolls the die and who reads the question to the other team each turn.
  • WITHOUT saying any answers or guesses, the team that rolled the die now has 30 seconds to bid on how many of the answers to the question they are going to answer CORRECTLY. If the team does not claim their bid in the 30 seconds, then they are given an automatic bid of 2.
  • When a team has selected their bid, the team takes the number of chips, that equals the bid, from the bank (bag of chips) and sets them in front of them to remind them what is at stake.
  • After proclaiming their bid to everyone, the team that rolled the die chooses the order in which they are going to give the answers. Players must ALTERNATE answers until the team gives the same amount of correct answers as their bid. If a member for the team answers INCORRECTLY or says an answer that has already been given, then the team’s turn is done! Once a team has met their bid, their turn is DONE. Repeat this process each question.
  • IMPORTANT: If a team member from a team at any point answers incorrectly or says an answer that has already been said, the other/next team gets the chips of the bid placed. For example, if a team bids 4 and a team member answers incorrectly or a team member says an answer that has already been guessed, the other/next team gets 4 chips. If that team states 4 answers correctly, they are now finished for that round and they collect the bid.
  • There are 2 timers, both 30 seconds. Timers are used for making bids and can serve as timing a player if they are stalling to give an answer.
  • Players are allowed to ask questions about the card they have been read, but it is up to the player reading the card/question to answer without giving away too much information.
  • Answers that have words in (parentheses) next to them means that the word or words in parentheses is also acceptable.


  • Whether or not a team meets their bid, if there are still unnamed answers on the card then the other team gets 30 seconds (flip the timer) to bid on how many of the remaining answers they can answer correctly.
  • IMPORTANT: It is not mandatory for a team to bid, but they must “pass” before their 30 seconds run out.
  • After all teams have had a chance to bid and answer the question, the card is done and the other/next team rolls the die and completes the same process. Even if there are answers remaining after all attempts, the card is finished.


  • When a team receives a “BATTLE QUESTION” card after their roll, then the player who rolled the die gets to choose ANY opposing player to battle on that question. The player reading the card flips the timer, reads the question aloud, and then asks the player who they choose to battle. Starting with the player who rolled the die, the two players alternate giving answers until someone answers incorrectly or the card is completed. If a player answers incorrectly, then the other player wins. If the card is answered completely, then the player who was challenged wins. No matter how many answers are on the card, battle questions are always worth 5 chips.


  • Once a team has reached a total of 30 chips, they have won the game!
  • If the team that rolls first gets to 30 first, then the other team gets a turn of their own to roll and receive a question.
  • If the game ends in a tie, the game goes into sudden death. Each team gets a question from the subject of their choice and whichever team obtains the most chips after the questions wins!
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