How It All Started

In Richmond, VA during the Washington Redskins training camp, a group of players and staff got together to battle their trivia knowledge. They researched questions that had multiple answers and came up with particular rules for the game to be fun, difficult, and opportunity for many to play at one time. They quickly found that all of the questions fit into the 5 categories, so they added those categories, a die, a 30 second timer, and poker chips to keep score! The bidding came into play because often times in trivia, people claim “oh I know this one,” and they decided to make teams and individuals prove it by casting a bid as to how many the team is going to answer correctly. With gameplay lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, “What’s your bid” has proven to be a trivia game great for one on one, team battles, and especially guys vs, girls. So pick your teams, roll the die, and see how willing you are to bid on yourself!
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