What's Your Bid:
The Team Trivia Game
for Everyone

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Launched in an NFL training camp, What’s Your Bid challenged teammates and coaches to measure their knowledge of everyday trivia. Their enthusiastic response served as the proving ground for the game’s ultimate version: team trivia for everyone: teammates, family, and friends. Combining features of classic games such as bidding, trivia categories, and teams alternating who gives answers, What's Your Bid is sure to be a household name favorite for years to come.

What’s Your Bid is “easy to play, but hard to win.”

What’s Your Bid’s appeal lies in both its broad array of topics and its style of play. Each of the 500 questions has multiple answers spread out over 5 categories. Each question is not too hard, yet not too easy. Game play involves two teams competing not for the number of correct answers, but for the number of correct answers matching that team’s bid.

This is the trivia game
5 categories,
500 questions,
multiple answers,
and a whole lot of fun!

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